Given the complexity of the agricultural environment in the federal sector, it is important to have an understanding of how the related policies are formulated. 

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Within the transportation space, The Normandy Group has done a large amount of work in the aviation sector.  

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Economic Development

The Normandy Group’s experience in economic development is expansive and can be found in many of our client project successes over the years. 

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Since our inception, The Normandy Group has made education a major focus area. Having represented over a dozen higher education institutions, we have a strong understanding of the myriad challenges that these entities face at the federal level. 

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Since its inception, The Normandy Group has achieved success in assisting clients secure federal grants and with the Congressional appropriations process. 

We have extensive experience assisting our clients secure funding through the federal grant process. Over the years, our clients have successfully secured millions of dollars in federal grants. Our work includes identifying relevant grant opportunities, often in advance of solicitation; securing meetings with senior Administration officials to identify program priorities and goals; assisting with the preparation of proposals, including writing and reviewing applications; and garnering Congressional support.

In the post-earmark world, we have not halted our efforts to impact the legislative appropriations process.  Our expertise and relationships on both sides of the aisle enabled us to increased funding for a number of federal programs of interest to our clients.  These efforts required strong bipartisan support in order to realize success in tough fiscal environments.

Health Care

With clients across the health care spectrum, this subject matter is one of The Normandy Group’s strongest issue areas.  

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Homeland Security/Defense

Having experience in the defense and intelligence communities, The Normandy Group team provides its clients with the necessary guidance to navigating the complex bureaucracy of this realm. 

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Intellectual Property (IP)

With a broad technology-focused customer portfolio, The Normandy Group offers a comprehensive understanding of the many intellectual property (IP) issues at the forefront of the federal level.

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Public Services

The Normandy Group’s efforts in the area of family services are wide-ranging and incorporate a variety of client interests.

From promoting successful adoption practices to achieving funding and authorization successes for initiatives focused on recovering missing children and adults, our expertise in this arena is vast.  To achieve such successes, we provide a broad and comprehensive advocacy strategy that incorporates Congressional interaction with targeted outreach to the appropriate federal agencies, including:  the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and its sub-agencies; the U.S. Department of Homeland Security; the U.S. Department of Justice; and many more agencies and sub-agencies.



One particular issue area that we have focused a great deal on involves our veteran community. 

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