Areas of Specialization

  • Federal Grants

    Secure funding through traditional competitive grant programs administered by federal agencies.

  • Congressionally-Directed Spending

    Acquire funding for specific community projects by interfacing directly with Capitol Hill staff and Members of Congress.

  • Programmatic Appropriations

    Advocate for increased funding for federal programs your Association’s membership relies on.

All Federal Funding Practice Areas

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    Agriculture and Rural Development

    Since our country’s founding, the agricultural sector has played a prominent role in the economic and societal well-being of the United States. While our economy has diversified over the last 100 years, the interplay of the federal government and the agricultural community continues on a daily basis. Under the leadership of Dr. John Goldberg, our team has demonstrated a unique ability to navigate these issues and achieve successes for our clients. Whether it be for construction projects in rural communities, telemedicine and distance education programs, workforce development, or University research initiatives, our team can guide you in the right direction.

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    Massive investments in our country’s infrastructure was a major impetus for the United States’ economic success in the 20th century. At a time when the federal government is once again making such investments through the bipartisan infrastructure law, Normandy has positioned itself and its clients favorably to take advantage of this historic opportunity. Specifically, we have worked with local governments across the country to pursue and secure federal funding for roads and bridges, airport terminals, hangers, aprons, runways and taxiways. Railway crossings and improvement projects, transit fleets, equipment, and facilities, and EV charging stations.

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    Economic and Community Development

    Economic and community development efforts are critical because of the impact they have on everyday lives.Such investments in people lead to greater employment opportunities, higher wages, lower crime, and improved quality of life. Whether it's through grant programs at HUD, Labor, or the EDA, or via Congressional legislative efforts, the federal government continues to play a key role in economic and community development. Working directly with local government clients or non-profit clients active on such initiatives, Normandy understands the funding landscape available to interested parties and has a history of successes on behalf of local government and non-profit clients that illustrate this competency.

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    Public Safety

    Given the ever-increasing importance of public safety in today’s turbulent world, it's no surprise that the federal government has a number of resources available to local communities to help them meet their needs. Our team has worked with these local governments and their police and fire departments to secure funding for critical technology and equipment, hire additional officers and firefighters, and acquire vital technical assistance.

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    Higher Education

    Our team has represented higher education clients since our inception. Through grants, earmarks, and programmatic appropriations, we have secured secured hundreds of millions of dollars for research and operations activities, including active shooter preparation and training; gun violence prevention; invasive species identification and management; crop resilience and genomics; water conservation and management; NASA education programs; community history documentation and preservation; civics education; digital literacy; digitization; and more.

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    Since the middle of the 20th Century, the federal government has been intertwined with our country’s healthcare sector. While some of it is regulatory in nature, a large component of that interaction is funding-related. Under the leadership of Normandy Founding Partner Christine Pellerin, Normandy has helped to secure vital funding for our nation’s community health center and many other health-related causes.Whether your funding needs are for health facility construction, renovation, software, or training, we’ve got you covered.


We offer three service lines: Lobbying and Advocacy; Political Counsel and Public Relations; and Grant Consulting and Support. Each of these components forms the foundation for a strong government relations strategy.

Success Stories


Secured over $60 million to help the City of San Marcos (TX) recover from back-to-back historic floods.


City of Amarillo Secures $8.4 million grant for Eastridge Overpass


Armed Services YMCA secures over $2 million for a Military Child Care Facility in San Diego through the Congressionally-directed spending process


Future Plans is awarded $1 million for a workforce development and dislocated worker reskilling program through Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur’s office