Our Services

We act as an extension of your team. Our mission is to provide value every day.

Normandy Group Services
  • Lobbying and Advocacy

    • Monitor Political and Legislative Environment
    • Draft and Track Legislation and Amendments
    • Build Relationships with Key Members and Staff
    • Promote and Oppose Legislation
    • Provide Regular updates, Verbal and Written, on Congressional and Administration Activities
    • Plan and Facilitate Client Advocacy Days on Capitol Hill
    • Ensure Political Action Committee Compliance
  • Political Counsel and Public Relations

    • Organize and Facilitate Internal Strategic Planning Sessions
    • Prepare Advocacy Strategies and Frameworks
    • Advise Lobbying and Advocacy Activities
    • Hearing and Testimony Preparation
    • Draft and Edit Press Releases
    • Arrange Media Interviews
    • Prepare Talking Points
    • Organize, facilitate, and participate in large-scale client forums with Members of Congress and Administration officials
  • Grant Consulting and Support

    • Identify and Summarize Funding Opportunities Based on Your Needs
    • Leverage Hill Relationships to Secure Grants and Earmarks
    • Highlight Administration and Grant Manager Priorities
    • Draft Grant Applications* Note, this service is available for select grants.
    • Review and Edit Applications

How We Do It

Securing changes in federal policy, or maintaining the status quo when forces are aligned against you, requires a rigorous and dynamic partnership between your organization and our team- we cannot hope to achieve sustained success without your commitment to the process.

Upon the commencement of our engagement, we will conduct an initial needs assessment where we determine the strengths and weaknesses of your federal agenda, and identify areas we can achieve quick success. We utilize our knowledge base to then determine the best course of action for resolution, be it through Congress, the Executive Branch, federal agency, or some combination of all three.


If Congressional engagement is required, we will then approach your Senators, Representatives, and their staff to brief them on your priorities. They are often our strongest allies; however we will leverage other strong relationships of ours that may serve on key committees of relevance to your issue. In each of these instances we highlight specific problems, priorities, obstacles, and solutions.

When engaging with federal agencies,we contact program managers or career staff in Administration to gain a better understanding of their priorities, and determine how best to align your agenda with theirs. We then coordinate your visit to Washington to meet with decision makers in person and familiarize them with your cause. When this is complete, we analyze, reassess, and reformulate our approach to further refine and optimize our efforts. While this continual process can take time, it has yielded positive results time and again for clients because of the thoroughness of our approach and persistence of our engagement.

Our Clients


Since 2006, our firm has worked with a variety of local governments, nonprofits, and businesses to build relationships, secure funding, and influence federal policy.

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